Shopify Google Analytics Setup

Shopify Google Analytics Setup


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Everything you need to collect all the standard analytics information correctly from your Shopify store like customer visits, most viewed pages, and more.

Additional Services

Enhanced eCommerce: $195 extra (+5 Days)

See customer interactions with products over the visitor’s whole shopping experience.

Create Content Groups: $195 extra (+5 Days)

Set up groups of content to understand the purpose and performance of the various types of content on your store. Stop clustering the data of your whole store into one analysis.

Cross Domain Tracking: $195 extra (+5 Days)

Gather accurate data from other domains or sub-domains like a WordPress blog without missing data.

Create Funnels and Goals: $325 extra (+5 Days)

Identify where people exit and enter the checkout process. This is useful for all stores, but it’s most powerful for Shopify Plus subscribers because you can do more with the data by customizing the checkout.